Sunday, July 24, 2011

Team Batista 3 [ep 2]

In the previous episode, the AI engineer suddenly died and the initial coroner reported that it was due to some heart failure. Later they said it might be caused by the overwork, of which Shimazu sensei asked him to finish working on the AI machine within a week.

Gucchi insisted on further investigation because he was just talking happily with the engineer about his favorite classical music. He refused to believe that such healthy man could just pass away without a valid reason. So, Shimazu suggested using the AI scanner to get better look inside his body for any clues that could help.

However from the scans, nothing could be concluded to suggest a crime taking place. When Shiratori suggested doing autopsy on him, the engineer's mother didn't want to damage her son's body. So, in the end, the case was unsolved, and it was simply stated as natural death.

Not long after that, a new case arrived. This time, an old lady was brought in by her eldest daughter who suspected something must have happened to cause her mother to die suddenly. From the AI scans, Shimazu concluded again that this is a natural death due to subdural chronic hematoma, which caused her mother to suffer from dementia and forgetting things. It may have been caused by a slight bump on her head, anytime, anywhere. The eldest daughter requested an autopsy instead and so Sasai sensei was called in to lend a hand.


Sasai sensei found several bruises which the AI scanner couldn't. Her final conclusion deferred from that of Shimazu sensei. It seemed that the old lady didn't get those bruises by herself, rather inflicted by someone. Furthermore, the subdural hematoma wasn't chronic, but acute.

Both Gucchi and Shiratori found clues and figured out how those bruises were obtained by the old lady. Apparently, she was knocked by a drunken cyclist while helping to guard the road for the children to cross. The drunken man was arrested and the case was solved.


However, this also proved that AI still has a lot of weaknesses. Sasai sensei was seen to have quite close relationship with Ikaruga, the national police agency's information bureau chief. She had been feeding him with information about AI's weaknesses and soon, the media caught on it and published the failure of AI.


Shiratori still found the engineer's case a bit weird and went back to the magnetic room to search for clues. Finally, he found that the engineer's computer was logged into by someone else according to the time schedule. They now have a reason to believe that the engineer's death was suspicious.

I thought it was pretty obvious that the engineer's death was suspicious. He didn't even have any health problems before and for him to have a sudden death? Something was fishy right from the beginning. I have my eyes on the police force. They definitely have something to do behind this. They were afraid of the emergence of AI above them. So measures have to be taken to make sure AI fails. Anyways, in this episode, I find Shiratori really irresistible lolz...sometimes I really want to know what he's planning in the head of his. I mean, he was the one to scout Shimazu sensei and brought the whole AI into the Toko University Hospital. But then he still asked for autopsies when AI couldn't draw a perfect conclusion on the deaths. So if he's not convinced with AI's ability, why did he even bother in the first place to bring it into attention? I do believe he has some plans up in his sleeves. He's my favorite character xD

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